Vilken QuickJack behöver jag?

Which QuickJack Model Should I Buy?

Today’s the big day. You’re about to be a proud owner of the hottest product to hit the garage floor. But before purchasing a QuickJack, it’s essential to get your vehicle measurements right. A portable car lift is not an insignificant piece of equipment, so we don’t want you to “guess” at it. Also, because QuickJack will not be held responsible for choosing your lift, it’s important you order the right model the first time to avoid any preventable replacement fees. We will, however, answer all your questions on this website or over the phone to get you properly set up.

First, it’s up to you to measure your vehicle and wheelbase. With that information in-hand, we can better assist you. Here’s how to take those measurements, step-by-step. Measuring takes about five minutes and ensures the right car lift gets delivered to your door.

Let’s start with the basics

Explaining QuickJack

Untill now there are 6 different QuickJack models, the numbers in the QuickJack model indicates the weight capacity in LBS (pounds). The characters on the end stands for the length of it’s model. TL= Normal length, TLX= Extended length, ELX= Extreme length, SLX = Small Lenght, (old model).

5000TL = (5000lbs) 2268KG, standard length.

5000TLX = (5000lbs) 2286KG extended length.

My car weights less than 3500lbs / 1588kg so the BL-3500SLX should be fine?

This is a common question which passes by all the time, the answer is yes and no. There are multiple factors involved to determine which QuickJack model fits your needs. One of those factors is the lift point spread. The BL-3500SLX is a relatively short lift model specially designed for small cars. The BL-3500SLX also has a lower lifting height than all other QuickJack models.

Which QuickJack fits the most vehicles?

The most sold models are the 5000TL and 7000TL, those two will fit on various types of vehicles and both can be extended in length and height using different accessories.

I am a professional and will be lifting all types of cars, what do you recommend?

Up to 2.2 Ton: 5000TL + förlängningsramar and Optionally SUV-adaptrar

Up to 3.2 Ton: 7000TL + förlängningsramar and Optionally SUV-adaptrar

Up to 2.2 Ton, but mostly C-segment medium cars or bigger: 5000TLX and Optionally SUV-adaptrar

Up to 3.2 Ton, but mostly C-segment medium cars or bigger: 7000TLX and Optionally SUV-adaptrar

What are the biggest differences between the 5000TL and 7000TL?

The 5000TL has a lower-profile when collapsed, it’s own weight is 34kg’s (per frame) and can lift up to 2268KG’s.

The 7000TL has a slightly higher profile when collapsed, its own weight is 44kg’s (per frame) and can lift up to 3175kg’s.

What’s the point of the 5000TLX and 7000TLX?

The TLX models are longer and have a longer / wider lift maximum lift point spread. the TLX model alone will reach the same liftpoint spread as the TL model with extensionframes.


Why shouldn’t I always go for the TLX model?

With the extended lift point spread comes a extended frame length. Vehicles with a smaller wheel base will give you trouble when sliding the frames between the wheels, as they might not fit. The TLX models will fit on a Volkswagen Golf, but not under a Citroen C1. The benefit of the TLX model vs. TL+ Extensionframes is that the collapsed height is still low. The combination TL+extensionframes will add 2.5CM on top of the minimum height.

What should I do when the wheelbase of a car is too short to fit the TLX model?

QuickJack can also be used sideways, if the weight distribution of the car allows (50/50 or close).

Quickjack Sideways

How do I measure my vehicle(s) to choose the right QuickJack model?

Download our measurement sheet, use the online calculator or follow instructions below

Locate Vehicle Curb Weight

You can find your vehicle’s curb weight either on the driver’s side door, in the manual or on the internet.

Quickjack Gewicht

Measure the Tire Spread

1.Measure the distance between your front and rear tire treads, keeping the measuring tape 3″ (76mm) above the ground.

2. Subtract 2” (50mm) from the measurement in Step 1.

Quickjack bandenafstand

Lift Point Spread (Min/Max)

1. Measure the inside of your jacking point to the inside of the opposite jack point. This is your Minimum Lifting Point Spread.

2. Measure the outside of your jacking point to the outside of the opposite jack point. This is your Maximum Lifting Point Spread.

Quickjack hefpunten afstand

Ground Clearance

Measure the distance between the ground and a lifting point.

Quickjack vrije ruimte

Determining the Right Model

Now that you have all the measurements to determine which QuickJack car lift model will work with your vehicle(s), match your measurements with the chart below:

A – Egenvikt B – Däckspridningen C – Lyftpunktsspridning D – Fria golvytor Rekommenderad modell
≤ 1588-kg ≥ 156cm 68,5cm (min) – 128,2cm (max) ≥ 8,9cm BL-3500SLX
≤ 2268-kg ≥ 177,8cm 94cm (min) – 152,4cm (max) ≥ 8,9cm 5000TL
≤ 2268-kg ≥ 194,31cm 109,2cm (min) – 167,6cm (max) ≥ 8,9cm 5000TLX
≤ 3175-kg ≥ 177,8cm 94cm (min) – 152,4cm (max) ≥ 10cm 7000TL
≤ 3175-kg ≥ 194,8cm 109,2cm (min) – 167,6cm (max) ≥ 10cm 7000TLX
≤ 2721-kg ≥ 219,7cm 134,6cm (min) – 193cm (max) ≥ 10cm 6000ELX

≤ less than or equal to, ≥ greater than or equal to