QuickJack 5000TLX Portable Car Lift Extended Length

QuickJack 5000TLX är en förlängd längdlyft med lyftstödplatser som sträcker sig 15 cm längre än våra TL-modeller. QuickJack är den bästa billyften för ditt garage eller din verkstad och med den extra räckvidden av EXT kommer du att serva fler fordon än någonsin. Perfekt för lätta lastbilar och stadsjeepar.


QuickJack 5000TLX Portabel Flyttbar Saxlyft Billyft billyft
Capacity: 2.268KG
Liftpointspread: Min. 1092mm Maks. 1676 mm
Collapsed: 76 mm
Max height: 616 mm
Hydraulic Oil not included.

208-240V AC Power-unit 50-60 Hz
Watt: 550
Amps: 5-8
C13 Connection, electric cord included plug type F (EU).

1,675.00 Excl. VAT

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5000TLX Extended-Length Portable Car Lift

5000TLX Extended-Length Portable Car Lift Why did we develop the 5000TLX? Simple: the 5000TL has a limiting lift point reach of 1524mm. That works for most vehicles, but there are vehicles whose manufacturer-recommended lift points are just an inch or two out of reach. That sounds like a small difference, but professional shops and smart DIY’ers know never to take chances with an off-balance load. The 5000TLX has a 1676mm lift point reach that’s long enough for virtually every consumer vehicle type out there.



A 76mm G 597mm
B 89mm H 673mm
C I 1676mm
D 521mm J 1092mm
E 546mm K 278mm
F 616mm L 1930mm

Other specs

Time to full rise: 45-60 seconds
Power unit weight: 10 kg
Frame weight: 36 kg

What is included?


Position Part
A Power-unit (208-240V AC)
B Right Frame
C Left Frame
D 2x positioning handles
E Hydraulic couplers & fittings
F 2x Long hydraulic hoses
G 2x Short hydraulic hoses
H 4x Medium rubber blocks
I 4x Big rubber blocks
J Installation and operating manual


QuickJack is CE Certified through a notified body (third party), which is strongest and right way of certifying a product for the EU market. Read here about CE Certificates.

Click here for important safety information about CE Certificates.


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