About QuickJack

The 100% Original QuickJack

QuickJack is the first and original patended design of the portable car lift and is manufactuered by BendPak Inc., the world’s leading producer of car lift systems and automotive service equipment. There are only a view places in Europe where you can purchase the 100% real, original and safe QuickJack. We are importer of the product handle a couple of shops:


QuickJack was also offered in Biltema stores around Scandinavia. Please note that Biltema purchases QuickJack straight from the Manufactuer and is our direct competitor. We do not provide help, service or support to Biltema and their customers in any way. That being said, we are the only importer which focuses 100% on the product and have the technical knowledge to fix problems. We do big things for a relatively small company. Make sure to read our story before purchasing your QuickJack.


QuickJack was officially born in 2014. The global patent was applied for two months later in North America, Europe and China. Since there’s nothing even remotely similar to QuickJack in the world, our product admittedly took a few lumps in the early going. However, our dedication to customer service and resources afforded by BendPak made it easy to rapidly make all necessary improvements.


Toward the end of 2015, the SLX model was introduced with automatic mechanical locks (the first model had manual locks). Along with zero-leak quick-connect fittings, refinements in the power unit and other structural improvements, QuickJack was awarded the internationally recognized CE mark. It met all standards prescribed by the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle lifts, EN-1493.

How about QuickJack in Europe?

We as European importer for QuickJack are established in 2016. We are located in Castricum, The Netherlands. Officially we started as ”QuickJack Netherlands”, which took a fast turn to ”QuickJack Europe” as we are fully operating in all European countries. Ever since we are fully supplying all kind of customers in the automotive branche. The GarageKillar brand was launched espcially to introduce BendPak’s portfolio of products in Scandinavia.



QuickJack has long held the internationally recognized CE mark by meeting the standards prescribed by the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle lifts, EN-1493. More details about the standard can be found here.


To meet these standards, a Notified Body or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) must be involved in the process. The Notified Body inspects the product, verifies tests and receives documentation on the product. The Notified Body then issues an EC-type Examination Certificate or CE Certificate. This CE certificate is referenced on the Declaration of Conformity confirming the product meets the standard.


The fundamental of conformity with CE requirements is that the equipment is safe, but of nearly equal importance is ensuring that the product is properly labeled, the product and packaging is identified with correct CE markings and all documentation relating to the testing is made available to standard enforcement authorities worldwide.