About oss

Who is behind GarageKillar?  

GarageKillar is part of QuickJack Europe, based in the Netherlands. GarageKillar is launched to introduce their products on the Scandinavian market. Like yourself we are car enthousiast, we know what it’s like to work on and under cars.

Where it all started

Luuk Zonneveld, the founder and owner of QuickJack Europe:

I have been working on cars since I’ve owned one. It is not a secret that working on cars comes with a lot of needs. The needs to learn how something is done, the needs for tools, the needs for carparts, the needs for working space and the needs to lift a vehicle.

”Back in the years”, I was working as a mechanical engineer for one of the biggest steel manufacturers in the world (in the Netherlands). When I got home after work I would walk straight to the garage and continue to work there. My garage was 2.8m wide and 7m long, with a 2m ceiling height. Obviously a regular car lift would not fit in this garage, (sometimes a car would barely fit) so I started to use Jacks, Jackstands and home build ramps. 

I was facing issues, it took a lot of time, it didn’t raised high enough and what I hated the most about the jacks and jackstands, (the experts know) If you would raise the front of a low or lowered car and put it on the stands to high, you couldn’t fit the jack under the rear side, so you had to go back to the side you just raised, and lower it again.

Luuk’s garage before the QuickJack was invented.

Somewhere in 2015 QuickJack was introduced in Europe and when I found out the product existed, there was no doubt I needed it badly. I purchased the QuickJack Portable Car Lift and couldn’t be happier with it. It made working on cars so much easier and I was so enthusiastic about the product, that I started to promote it in the Netherlands. This promotional help lifted of the ground in 2018, where I went importing QuickJack and started to service the whole European market.

”I would like to be treated the same as my customers”

As a ”Car-Guy” you order tools, parts or other things every week. Nothing is more frustrating than ordering something in a online-shop (which says, next day delivery) only to find out ”sorry, we are out of stock” or ”we said one day delivery, but it is going to be two weeks.” Than after a tool or part arrives, additional questions can’t be answered because the retailer don’t even have knowledge on their product. Or they just ignore you.


For me, this is the most important part of the business. You do as promised and know your product. The E-commerce has never been bigger, anyone can start a ”business” at any moment. There are more competitors, more different solutions (products) to the same problem and lots of options to choose from. Up until this day I still work on cars and I still order those parts, and still get the ”sorry but not sorry” experience from retailers. That’s where I say, I would like to be treated the same way as my customers do.

We do as promised.
Product says In stock? Then it is in stock. Ships out the next day? Then it ships out the next day.

You have a problem or need a part? We help you out right away.

This results in: 1. Customers are happy and 2. I can have a good sleep at night.