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Top Questions Asked About QuickJack


Do you have any promos or discounts available? (QuickJack coupons, QuickJack promos, QuickJack deals)

The price you see online is the lowest price available. We recommend taking advantage of any QuickJack offers you see. Still, these deals are not going to make or break your budget, so if you’ve been waiting 6 months to buy a lift, do it when the work calls for it, because the peace of mind you get working with a lift is where you’ll see real savings.

Which QuickJack model works for my vehicle?

We hear this question a lot, but the answer depends on so many factors that it’s hard to answer without seeing your car. So, we created this measuring guide to help you determine which QuickJack model is appropriate for your vehicles. Those two minutes you’ll spend measuring could make all the difference.

Does QuickJack operate with an air compressor?

An air compressor is not necessary to operate QuickJack. The portable power unit is electric over hydraulic and contains a built-in flow divider that ensures equal fluid pressure is given to both cylinders. No air required. There is a secondary “air spring” cylinder that helps QuickJack lower smoothly to the ground when there is no weight on the frames. This cylinder needs to be filled to 40-50 psi during setup and rarely needs to be refilled.

Can I leave my vehicle stored on QuickJack?

As long as QuickJack’s mechanical safety locks are engaged, vehicles can be raised and stored indefinitely.

Can the frames lift on a slight slope?

Anything greater than a 3-degree slope is not considered safe. It is recommended that you always use QuickJack on a flat surface.

Is it OK to use only one frame to lift?

No, QuickJack is designed to lift an entire vehicle with both frames by engaging the OEM recommended lifting points. Any attempt to alter this configuration could be dangerous and will void your warranty.

Other product related questions

Does hydraulic fluid come with the QuickJack?
Hydraulic fluid is purchasable in our store. We offer ISO 46 Hydraulic oil, 3 x 1-Liter for only €24,95.   

How much radial shift occurs at full lifting height?
Roughly 30cm depending on which QuickJack model you own. Make sure there is plenty of clearance at the front and rear of the car.

What is the ambient temperature range in which QuickJack can be used?
The QuickJack can be safely used in the temperature range of 40°F (5°C) to 120°F (50°C).

Can I drive over the QuickJack frames?
You can drive “over” the QuickJack frames (a recommended method), but do NOT drive on top of the frames. Driving on the frames could cause damage and void your warranty.

How long can I leave QuickJack raised in the air with a vehicle loaded?

Once the lift is raised and firmly positioned onto both safety lock bars, the QuickJack could remain elevated for an indefinite period.

Can I use QuickJack on asphalt? Would it cause dents or indentations?

Although we have sold thousands of QuickJack’s, with many being used on asphalt, we have yet to hear of one unit sinking or making deep impressions in the asphalt. (We guess asphalt hardness and weather temp would play a role, however).

If you add up the total surface area of the QuickJack bottom frames (the contact patch), it will typically add up to more than the surface area of four tires. In other words, if your car is not sinking in the asphalt, in all likelihood, your QuickJack shouldn’t either.

Can the power unit and hoses be disconnected after the lift is raised and securely locked?
Once the lift is raised and firmly positioned onto both safety lock bars, the hoses could then be disconnected and stowed.

Does the lock bar only work at full height? Are there other locking positions?
The safety lock bar can be engaged in two different positions. Mid-level and max rise.

How do the QuickJack frames stay level?
Our miniature hydraulic power unit is equipped with an integrated flow divider / combiner valve that equally proportions the hydraulic fluid forcing both QuickJack frames to remain synchronized during operation.

Order related questions

How long does it take to receive my order?
Most orders will take approximately 4-10 business days for delivery depending on the model and/or quantities ordered. Special or non-stock items may take longer.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order by logging into your account or call us at +31 627365781 or email us at

Will I be charged sales tax?
Yes, the VAT % rate will be calculated on the shipping address / country the order.

How fast is QuickJack shipped after I place my order?
Hvis du legger inn en bestilling i vår butikk, vil den mest sannsynlig bli sendt innen 48 timer. Nesten alle bestillinger som legges inn før kl. 15.00 på en virkedag, sendes ut neste virkedag. 

When can I start tracking my shipment?
When your QuickJack is shipped from our warehouse, a tracking number is sent to your email address. Most carriers will update and provide tracking information within 24 hours after ship date.