QuickJack vs. Jula

QuickJack vs. Jula: Debunking Common Misconceptions

There's a prevalent online notion that suggests, "The Lift from Jula is from the same factory as QuickJack, but with different stickers on them." However, this claim is not accurate. To clarify this misconception, we'll delve into the distinctions between the two.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand that QuickJack is the pioneering and patented designer and manufacturer of this type of lift. QuickJack is a product of BendPak, an established presence in the car lift industry since 1965. QuickJack stands alone as the sole lift on the market that has received CE approval from an external EU examination authority. It's worth noting that ALL other brands that have emulated QuickJack lack a CE Certificate; instead, they possess a declaration of conformity (For more information click here).

Furthermore, QuickJack's new TL models boast a superior lift height compared to any of the other imitations available. Take a look at the visual comparison below, with the copy on the left and the original QuickJack on the right.

Vänster- Jula | Höger - QuickJack

Let's now shift the focus to Jula.

When you visit their website, you'll come across several images, one of which features a red Skoa lifted with their equipment. Interestingly, it's worth noting that they didn't utilize their own lift frames for this display; instead, the original QuickJack is used. How can we be so sure about this? Simply examine the visual evidence below:

A = The initial product photograph featured on Jula's website.
B = The images of the frames showcased on Jula's website.
C = The genuine original QuickJack.

Let's take a closer look at element number 1: the safety lock. In the first photo, it appears as a smooth, rounded component. However, in the other images of the frames they present, this particular part is distinctly different. On the genuine original QuickJack, it remains a smooth, round element.

Now, observe the stickers denoted as numbers 2 and 3. The original QuickJack frame features stickers with a prominent red accent. Regrettably, the frame photos provided by Jula do not exhibit this red detailing at all. Interestingly, in the initial Jula photo, red accents on the frames are clearly visible.

What's the rationale behind showcasing your own product without any vehicles on it, and the solitary image featuring a vehicle lifted is the one utilizing our QuickJack lift? If the seller doesn’t even trust their own lift, Why would you as a customer trust it then?

On the other hand, they seem to like our QuickJack!;)

Adding a touch of humor to the situation, it's evident that Jula may have some room for improvement in their photo editing skills. In a standard photo editing scenario, one begins with raw photo footage and typically aims to create a white background to showcase a product in an online store. In this case, it appears that the editor also unintentionally removed the section where the rubber blocks are meant to be inserted.

The presence of noticeable welds on the Jula lift is a matter that raises concerns. When we scrutinize the disparities between QuickJack and the Jula lift, it becomes evident that the Jula lift exhibits signs of suboptimal welding throughout its construction. This raises valid questions about the overall quality and durability of the Jula lift in comparison to QuickJack's product, which appears to maintain higher welding standards. Such differences in welding quality are critical factors to consider when evaluating the performance and longevity of these products.

When discussing economics, it is important to remember the timeless wisdom that 'cheap is not always better'.

Take for example the Jula lift, which may seem like a budget-friendly option with a price of around €1,100 (excluding VAT) for in-store pick-up. But there is a critical factor to consider: The Jula lift is not a safe choice and poses a real risk to your life. By contrast, our 5000TL model, which costs around €1,625 (or €1,500 for local pick-up), is €400 more expensive, but comes with a guarantee of safety. When it comes to protecting your well-being, there is simply no price tag that can be put on it.